We’ve been studying wellbeing for over a decade.

Matt Bloom
Matt Bloom
How We Started

Our co-founder Matt Bloom, Ph.D. drew upon his years of in-depth research to develop Ritual's holistic wellbeing model. Matt was burned out. He had spent years as a business consultant, but realized his happiness was dwindling, his motivation was low, and his purpose was nowhere to be found.

He decided to devote himself to studying wellbeing, to find out what human beings need in order to thrive. As he dove headfirst into this research, he earned his Ph.D. in psychology at Cornell and spent the next 15 years leading wellbeing research at the University of Notre Dame. What he discovered over these years amazed him.

Matt discovered that though we often approach our wellbeing in dramatic swoops – e.g. big New Year’s resolutions – it’s small steps that add up to big changes.

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What Ritual does

We partner with experts to create
transformative wellbeing practices.

Alex Elle

Daily Gratitude with Alex Elle

In this core ritual, New York Times best-selling author Alex Elle helps us intertwine grateful living into our busy lives. Each day, Alex guides a daily practice of slowing down, being present in our lives, and greeting the micro-moments of gratitude that are right in front of us.

Kathleen Cahalan

Daily Prayer with Kathleen Cahalan

Leading theologian Kathleen Cahalan guides the Christian practice of Lectio Divina: a meditative conversation with God through Scripture. We publish a new session every day, considering that day’s Gospel reading.

Matt Bloom

The Joyful Life with Matt Bloom

In this core ritual, Matt Bloom shares simple practices that build our capacity to connect with joy in our daily lives and to share that joy with others.

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